Gelatin for Eggs in Recipes

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With Easter coming, I thought I'd give you some information concerning "Eggs" - see below. "Unflavored Gelatin" is a storage item that every family should have on hand. This is the same stuff as Knox Brand Gelatin that you use to make Knox Blox and to thicken jellos, etc. except much much cheaper. 

Fresh Eggs can be stored for up to 1 year.  Rub warmed mineral oil on your hands and coat the entire surface of the fresh egg with the oil.  Replace egg in carton with the point down.  In cold climates they can be stored in a cool, dark place.  In warmer climates, place in the refrigerator.  Rotate once a year.

“Eggs” from unflavored gelatin (Knox):  Buy in bulk; Knox Brand packages are very expensive.  The gelatin is less expensive than powdered eggs (less than 3 cents per egg or 1 tsp) and has an indefinite shelf life.

1 tsp gelatin = 1egg
1 oz gelatin = 12 tsp or 12 eggs
1 pound gelatin = 192 eggs

Making an egg:  Combine 1 tsp of unflavored gelatin with 3 Tb of cold water and stir until dissolved.  Then add 2 Tb of hot water and stir.  When using your own recipes, decrease the liquid called for in your recipe by about ¼ cup to compensate for the added water from the “egg”.

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